Health & Wellness Ministry

All aspects of health—physical, mental, and spiritual—were of equal concern to Jesus Christ, whose healing touch reached out to mend broken bodies, minds, and spirits with one common purpose: the restoration of well-being and renewed communion with God and neighbor.  
We, therefore, commit ourselves to minister in ways that lead to good physical, mental, and spiritual health.  In the difficult times we face today, it seems mental health is an area that needs our focus.  We have teamed up with parishioner, Gene Bonham, to give guidance in the area of mental health and wellness. Recognizing that maintaining mental health in a stressful world is many times a challenge, he has developed a blog that deals with many aspects of mental health and the criminal justice system. His background as an educator, practitioner in the criminal justice field, and as a parent of an adult mentally ill child, gives him a unique perspective. The good news is that there is help out there and we do not need to struggle alone. The blog is designed to provide information, resources, and hope.

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