Covid-19 UpDate

Due to Covid, Wednesday Night Dinners and activities will begin on February 9th unless schools go virtual.


Dear PUMC Church Family,

It has been the goal of our Vision Team throughout the pandemic to ‘do no harm’ and to protect the most vulnerable in our congregation. These decisions have not been easy, nor have we taken them lightly. Just like the congregation itself, our Vision Team has had varying opinions on this issue. We have, however, agreed if wearing masks made it safer for those folks who are struggling health-wise, we would gladly do whatever it takes.

We have been in uncertain times now for well over a year, and we all have many thoughts and opinions of how we should handle Covid-19. As a church, we struggle tremendously to make sure everyone has the ability to come and worship together as a family and spend time with God. We have made the very difficult decision to instill a mask mandate for members when coming into the church or walking around. If/when you are seated and socially distanced in the Sanctuary, masks may be removed. We have considered many options, and feel this best suits the needs of our church at this current time. We will keep track of cases and change accordingly. Please know this is not a personal choice, but one that can allow everyone the opportunity to be at church. Thank you for understanding and helping us keep our church doors open!

We will continue to prayerfully assess the situation and make changes as needed. (

-Peculiar UMC’s Vision Team

Note from the pastor

I completely respect the decision each person makes regarding vaccines. Some have already gotten them, some plan to do so. Some are skeptical and some are unable. These are private and personal matters. We will not be asking folks about their vaccination status; we will use the honor system, trusting that they will wear masks and socially distance inside the church building because we have members who are currently going through chemo treatments and folks who are immune compromised.

Expect to see some folks still wearing masks and please respect that. Again, we each have our own personal reasons. With or without a mask, in person or online- I’m just grateful to worship together!  We’re all part of God’s family, different, unique and equally loved.

We have purchased and installed an air purification system and have placed chairs apart within the sanctuary. We ask you to maintain social distancing as you enter, as you are seated, and as you leave. We will have masks and hand sanitizer available.  Please note the coffee & breakfast bar, Sunday School classrooms, and nursery will not be available at this time. Hope you will join us in person at 8:30am or 10:30am, or online at 10:30am.

Wendy Minshall, pastor